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Competency Dictionaries

Competency Dictionaries

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How Do you Ensure that Employees Perform at Appropriate and Adequate Levels?

EngiLifeSciences designs “Competency Dictionaries” which are sets of specifically defined attributes and behaviors that individuals (within the client organization) are required to formally demonstrate. They are prerequisites for minimum levels of competency. This helps specifically identify the attributes or behaviors that help employees be consistent with strategic, organizational requirements. This includes the minimum and maximum levels (in quantitative terms) that someone can achieve in their workplace performance. In addition, competency dictionaries will define the “why” or “what” that supports each level of competency.

Competency dictionaries are utilized as input documents for performance reviews and goal setting. They help highlight specific and measurable competencies which employees must demonstrate in order to fulfill minimum levels of proficiency.

This strategy is typically administered by line managers on a semi-annual and/or annual basis. They are not used for punitive measures. When used correctly, they directly help improve personal and professional development.

Features and Benefits

Our competency Dictionaries are recognized as a “best practice”/best-in-class document by the Institute of Personnel Management. They help by serving as the input document for formal assessments and job descriptions.

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