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Process Mapping and Value-Added Challenge

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Process Mapping and Value Added Challenge

Process Mapping and Value-Added Challenge

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What are the Key Techniques and Benefits of the Value-Added Challenge?

EngiLifeSciences utilizes process mapping and the value-added challenge techniques to analyze each component of existing activities or tasks. Process mapping uses flow charts to illustrate the flow of a process. It proceeds from a macro perspective to a high level of detail that enables us to identify opportunities for improvement. The purpose of conducting value-added challenges is for the client organization to realize the very real cost of each step in a process. These costs accumulate in terms of time and resources used for labor, overhead, materials, storage, or transportation.

EngiLifeSciences trains client organizations to prioritize real value-added activities. The litmus test that qualifies a value-added activity is whether external customers identify an activity as being required to provide the output that the customer is expecting. In other words, if part of a process within the client organization doesn’t help add value for the end-customer, then it may need to be optimized or eliminated.

 Features and Benefits

We use a formal, sequential methodology to assess the value added in real terms (taking inflation into account). This enables us to eliminate rework within the client organization and minimize document/information transfers and archiving. This also reduces waiting and cycle times as operations are combined, and workloads are balanced.

Prioritizing real value-added activities will eliminate waste as non-value-added activities are optimized or eliminated. This includes eliminating unnecessary reviews, approvals, authorizations, and checks. EngiLifeSciences provides a pre and post-modeling feature that will determine annual cost and service improvement within the client organization.

EngiLifeSciences 3PO Model

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