“Allowing ‘common sense’ practices to drive our behavior and involving the organization in that change, develops a culture of ownership and accountability which opens the door to innovation and increased visibility.”

Gregory W. Pierce, CEO

“The pivotal point for me was when I decided to start my own firm – where I could execute my years of experience – to innovate companies within the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.”

Gregory W. Pierce, the CEO of EngiLifeSciences, has been a frontrunner in developing solutions that allow Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Manufacturers to efficiently bring compliant and high-quality products to market. Gregory’s career started in the United States Air Force working within the military hospitals as a Medical Laboratory Technologist and then transitioned to working in Research and Development for a major Medical Device Manufacturer; in the development of technology which falls in the category of Digital Health, and later in working for corporate America in the development of new technology medical products.

During his 28 years of experience, Gregory has worked with many high-profile companies. He avidly participates on industry initiatives and collaborations within the healthcare industry. EngiLifeSciences is a consulting firm that provides services across the healthcare value chain. The company’s consulting solutions include Quality Systems, Product Development, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Regulatory Compliance, Software Compliance, Software Technology, Computer Systems Validation, and Quality & Business Performance.  It offers an array of services that are targeted at increasing the bottom line for an organization. According to Gregory, technology and digital health is expanding at an accelerated rate, including the use of artificial intelligence and other technology solutions to bring value to the health care.

Daniel Martinez, VP Business Development

Daniel Martinez is a 30 year veteran as an international management consultant with vast experience developing and implementing large scale people oriented performance programs and strategic interventions with Fortune 500 companies globally. Currently Daniel is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships with EngiLife Science. In this role, Daniel is focused on engaging and creating awareness with Executives on opportunities, insights and trends in the industry.

EngiLife Science guarantees results for enterprise by driving quality and business performance across the entire value chain through people, technology, methodology and process, so these organizations can:

  • Consistently bring compliant, high-quality products to market to ensure patient safety
  • Improve speed to commercialization and reduce cycle time
  • Eliminate non value added activities, saving an average of 10% to 40% to business performance
  • Systematically enhance and/or create a “Quality” focused culture

Daniel enjoys time with his wife, two kids and grand kids in the Toronto Canada Area. He is actively involved in the Goodwill as well as with the Food Drive in his local community. In his spare time, he enjoys chasing golf balls around the course and naturally spending time with his family and friends.