Translating Strategic Intent into Operational Reality

The EngiLifeSciences’s 3P0 Model™ strategically analyzes, architects and implements organizational excellence by eliminating waste, creating streamlined and replicatable processes and modifying behaviors. This model utilizes an approach that focuses on the 3P0 areas: people, process, performance management and organization.



Performance Management


Our Research

Over the past 30 years, our research has shown common trends and barriers contributing to excessive costs, reduced or lower than expected profitability, lost opportunities and stunted growth.

  1. Staff are only working 55-60% of their time
  2. Staff turnover & absenteeism are high
  3. Poorly motivated staff impacts attitudes and moral
  4. Managers have technical skills but aren’t prepared to manage resources
  1. Work processes are outdated, inconsistent and inefficient
  2. Duplication of efforts occurs too frequently
  3. Quality issues result in excessive rework
  4. Marginal customer service attitudes

The 3PO Approach

Evaluates performance, front-line business practices and workflow
Assesses profitability improvements generated by strengthening management – thus improving productivity, customer service and quality
Identifies areas management/staff development is needed to improve methods, practices and processes
Determines the financial investment and timeline required for improving operations, processes and behaviors


The 3PO algorithms include extensive people analysis and data mining including comparative analysis, resource and demand metrics, time management assessments, income, payroll, headcount benchmarks.


The 3PO algorithms include extensive process analysis and data mining that generate reporting such as a management system evaluation composite, management systems evaluation, performance management system and others.

Performance Management

During the Performance Management Phase, a composite of management systems is created, evaluated and ranked based on impact and importance. Also, the tools managers use to monitor and measure performance are evaluated in terms of consistency, coherence completeness and actual usage.


During the Organization Phase, an enterprise health check occurs. Surveys are used with supervisors and staff to develop greater understandings behind the root cause problems and to gauge the consistency of perceptions down through the organization. An organizational audit also uncovers the primary characteristics of the organizational structure which are analyzed to identify barriers to effective decision-making, communication and action.

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