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Non-Process Studies

Non-Process Studies

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How Do You Identify Potential Cost and Service Improvements?

EngiLifeSciences conducts non-process studies that are not work-to-time-related. Our non-process studies can be performed with the overall objective of identifying potential cost and service improvements. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Value-added assessment of reports
  • Value-added assessment of meetings
  • Fee/income generation review
  • Strategic reengineering
  • Strategy – operating plan reconciliation

Features and Benefits

Our non-process studies provide measurable results toward identifying potential cost and service improvements. This augments the “traditional” measurement/metrics element of the EngiLifeSciences program. Personnel within the client organization are heavily involved as the non-process studies are performed via facilitation-based techniques. These studies help uncover hidden opportunities to add significant savings to the client organization’s bottom line.

EngiLifeSciences 3PO Model

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