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What is the Methodology to Identify Attainable and Measurable Realistic Goals?

EngiLifeSciences conducts comprehensive benchmarking exercises to help client organizations set goals and objectives as they develop processes. Our approach is comprised of measurement (the what) and product or product knowledge (the how). We perform both quantitative and qualitative comparative analyses for internal, competitive, world-class operations and activity-type benchmarking.

Our benchmarking utilizes a formal twenty-six step methodology which provides best-in-class comparisons for clients in similar service sectors as our existing and previous client base. A simplified summary of EngiLifeSciences’ this process includes:

  • Determination of what will be benchmarked.
  • Definition of the processes to be compared.
  • Development of appropriate comparative measures.
  • Determination of relevant internal areas and external organizations to benchmark.
  • Collection and analysis of data.
  • Determination of the gap between client organization’s current process and the best-in-class process.
  • Continually updating the benchmarking repository.

Features and Benefits

EngiLifeSciences’ benchmarking provides client organizations with an effective means to improve customer satisfaction with measurable results. We identify the best applicable processes to help improve existing processes. We help increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability of the current processes to strengthen our client organization’s competitive position.

This process transforms complacency into an urgent desire to improve. It assists in setting attainable and realistic, yet aggressive goals. Organizations will be able to project future industry trends and create a culture of continuous improvement.

EngiLifeSciences 3PO Model

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