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Interpersonal Map

Interpersonal Map

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What is the Perception from the Shop Floor Versus Senior Management?

EngiLifeSciences’ interpersonal map is a formal diagnostic that is designed to identify the personal styles that are held by people within the client organization. These varying personal styles can affect how people deal with important work and life experiences. The diagnostic is designed to gauge:

  • The way that clients view work.
  • How the client processes information.
  • The client’s perceptions and ideas regarding others.
  • The client’s preferred communication styles.
  • The client’s personal disposition.

The interpersonal map is created on a one-to-one basis and EngiLifeSciences will interpret the results to make the appropriate recommendations. The client organization retains the right to discretion in determining whether the results remain confidential.

Features and Benefits

Creating and interpreting the interpersonal map provides the client organization with in-depth background information regarding preferred work styles. This gives client organizations valuable input to help deal with specific, sensitive issues. We provide a methodology for addressing various personal styles or preferences in the workplace.

EngiLifeSciences 3PO Model

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