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Organization Audit

Organization Audit

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How Do You Determine Horizontal and Vertical Organizational Alignment Throughout the Entire Value Chain?

The organization audit is a comprehensive analysis that determines whether the organization is structured and prepared to accomplish the work that is needed in order to achieve its goals. Since no to client organizations are the same, no to organization audits are the same. However, the general criteria that are utilized for our evaluations typically include:

  • Review and testing of the client organization’s employees’ understanding of the mission, goals, and objectives of the organization.
  • Determination of the department purpose(s).
  • Determination of the existing management and supervisory style.
  • Review of organization’s structure/chart to determine span of control and potential duplication and overlap of responsibilities.
  • Functional chart review which seeks to identify if similar/duplicate work is performed in more than one location within the organization.
  • Development and testing of core assumptions. (Core assumptions are the fundamental beliefs of how and why an organization functions as it does. Core assumptions also determine why an organization adopts certain operating standards and ensures compliance to those operating standards.)
  • Activity analysis.
  • Flexibility analysis.
  • Evaluation of committees and initiatives.
  • Roles and Responsibilities Charting (RACI).
  • Attrition study.
  • Review of explicit and implicit documentation.

The results of the above studies are used to inform EngiLifeSciences’ recommendations ensuring horizontal and vertical alignment within the client organization.

Features and Benefits

The wide range of diagnostic tools used throughout the organization audit help us create comprehensive recommendations for our client organizations that align the organization throughout the entire value chain.

EngiLifeSciences 3PO Model

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