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Strategic Alignment of Values

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Strategic Alignment of Values

Strategic Alignment of Values

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How Do You Translate Strategic Intent Throughout the Organization?

EngiLifeSciences administers strategic alignment of values and direction for the client organization. Part of this process involves a “goal sort” in which the leadership of the organization identifies and solidifies the organization’s goals and objectives. The goal sort approach allows leadership the opportunity to explore areas of agreement and disagreement concerning the direction of the organization. Our method minimizes the conflict that would otherwise normally arise from this discussion.

As we perform the goal sort, we consider the tactical issues that may arise and determine how to strategically conduct the goal sort to address those issues.

The goal sort has three stages:

  • Generate statements regarding the organization’s goals and objectives. Then sorting by leadership.
  • Determination of the degree of correlation.
  • Reconciliation of the goal sort with the organization’s leadership.

Another aspect of the strategic alignment of values is identifying and examining the fundamental factors that drive the client organization’s current business processes. These fundamental factors are core assumptions or beliefs within individuals or departments that affect how they conduct business. This is valuable because it enables individuals within the client organization to come to understand why they do the things that they do.

Features and Benefits

Our goal sort clearly identifies and articulates the goals for the organization. As we identify areas of disagreement over the goals or direction of the organization, we provide a methodology for reconciliation and setting revised goals and direction. We provide insight into the impact on the client organization if the goals and direction are misaligned among leadership.

In addition, identifying the core assumptions or beliefs that affect the client organization’s processes or output can help us to quantify the cost (in terms of both time and money) that they have on the organization. Demonstrating how belief systems impact the client organization’s operating systems and procedures will help to bring individuals into strategic alignment.

EngiLifeSciences 3PO Model

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