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Process Transformation

Process Transformation

EngiLifeSciences 3PO Model  |  Process Strategy

How Do You Implement Sustainable Transformation?

EngiLifeSciences provides transformational teams that enable clients to challenge their processes and procedures across the entire organization. Our transformational teams drive radical change in the ways that our client organizations conduct business. They begin with the assumption that the current processes/procedures and production systems are flawed and need fundamental change. Process transformation efforts bring radical change with a holistic approach that examines and re-evaluates all processes within the client organization.

We focus on three elements within process transformation:

  • Documentation: Definition of business flows, identification of client’s core assumptions, and examination of activity flows.
  • Evaluation: Challenge the work practices and determine how effectively the work is currently handled.
  • Reengineering/Transformation: Holistic considerations and recommendations. Subsequent implementation of improved business flows, core assumptions, organizational structure, documentation, and skill sets.

Features and Benefits

EngiLifeSciences illustrates the inter-relationships of functional areas in the accomplishment of a task. We also demonstrate the impact of differing measurement methods on production. Our process transformation allows the exploration of the “why” and “how” work is accomplished. This opens opportunities to identify alternative methods to perform work and permits the quantification of various aspects of value, including customer, internals, and regulatory aspects of value.

EngiLifeSciences 3PO Model

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