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How Do You Maximize People’s Engagement in Process Redesign?

The purpose of process redesign is to fully utilize work teams or project resource groups within the client’s organization. EngiLifeScience utilizes “brown paper” reviews and software modeling. Our brown paper approach involves visualizing all production flow lines and activities in the manufacturing cycle on a large scale. This review sheds light on the implications of new product introduction on various parts of the business and helps identify opportunities to optimize bottleneck activities. Similarly, software modeling expresses a software’s design in a way that enables EngiLifeSciences to make recommendations that optimize each software to be more effective and supportive.

Process redesign begins with reviewing the client’s existing research and the core assumptions (guiding principles) that drive the perceived operational delivery requirements. Our approach can eliminate bureaucracy, simplify activities and workflow, and reduce cycle times. In addition, we help to reduce error-proofing requirements and simplify the language to standardize inputs, outputs, and processes.

Features and Benefits

EngiLifeSciences ensures that client personnel are intimately involved with the analysis and subsequent process redesign. Client personnel will be challenged to think outside the box as all process are evaluated from both an internal and external client perspective. This methodology will bring measurable cost and service improvements and can be replicated after EngiLifeSciences’s engagement has concluded.

EngiLifeSciences 3PO Model

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