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Work Team Facilitation

Work Team Facilitation

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How Do You Facilitate Behavioral Changes Across an Organization?

EngiLifeSciences provides trained facilitators that maximize the effectiveness of work teams. Work teams are an effective team-building and problem-solving tool. The facilitator serves to ensure group effectiveness as senior-management decision making gains greater involvement from the workers. This has proven to increase individual workers’ commitment to the organization’s goals and strategies. With the proper facilitation, work teams are the most effective vehicles for promoting involvement between interfacing areas throughout the production process.

Work teams are typically groups if six to twelve people who work together to formally identify, analyze, and solve work-related challenges. Topics of these meetings often relate to productivity issues, quality problems, or improving the quality of work-life for the appropriate people that deal with these issues. Work teams achieve their mutual goals through this team-building and problem-solving process.

Features and Benefits

EngiLifeSciences’ proven methodology for work team facilitation has delivered over $100 million in savings during the last five years. We ensure that key client personnel are involved in the work teams to develop client-driven solutions from the bottom up for both individual and organization-wide issues. Throughout this process, there is a skill transfer as clients learn how to become effective facilitators. This helps ensure sustainable improvement for employees within the client organization.

EngiLifeSciences 3PO Model

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