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Induction Training

Induction Training

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How Do We Ensure That Transformation Will Transfer to New Employees?

Since EngiLifeSciences becomes completely immersed in all aspects of our client organizations, we are ideally suited to assist in developing orientation/induction training for new hires. Although this service is not a “staple” aspect of our services, our “outsider’s perspective,” coupled with our intimate knowledge of the client organization, enables us to effectively prepare trainings that are appropriate for new employees.

Our approach and methodology include:

  • Interview Management: Identify specific topics which should be addressed in the hiring process.
  • Review Interview Results: Identify topics which will be addressed through formal training.
  • Validation of the topics with relevant management personnel.
  • Design of actual training modules.
  • Validation of the Training Modules: Ensure that the content and optics of the new training modules are optimized for best with results. Collaborate with relevant management personnel.
  • Design of formal diagnostics for training-effectiveness purposes.
  • Establishment of training population.
  • Identify the appropriate trainers within the client organization.
  • Formally prepare the trainers to understand and utilize new training modules.
  • Delivery of training to new hires.
  • Determine the actual effectiveness of the new training modules. Formally evaluate the diagnostics.
  • Develop specific remedial action to address any shortfalls of the new training modules or process.

Features and Benefits

EngiLifeSciences’ development of induction training modules is accomplished on a client-by-client basis, as needed. This enables us to develop bespoke (customized) training that will be optimized to help new hires understand the new processes and transformation that are provided by EngiLifeSciences. We perform a formal diagnostic evaluation that identifies and addresses any shortfalls within the training process.

Input from management and supervisory personnel is a key ingredient that ensures the durability of induction training modules. By extension, the transformation brought by EngiLifeSciences will endure as new hires are brought up-to-speed. We value your input, not generic solutions from a textbook.

EngiLifeSciences 3PO Model

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