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What does the EngiLifeSciences process look like?

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At EngiLifeSciences, we begin with an assessment process, and a part of the process is helping clients understand their strategic objectives. Following that, we conduct tailored studies at different levels in an organization, all the way from management, performance management area, to the training of company personnel. We also assess the vitality of the organization’s structure and the supporting business requirements and analyze these studies to help CEOs identify opportunities that they are not aware of. This can be eye-opening for company executives. Today, CEOs in the diverse industries are challenged with the lack of end-to-end visibility, and they often strive to enhance operational efficiency while increasing agility. These studies help discern the gaps that may lie within the organization and meet the aforementioned objectives. We also aid organizations in determining if they are in-cognizant of any internal regulatory compliance risks.

Using our MEV Grid™ which stands for maturity, efficiency, and visibility, we can assess end-to-end visibility, maturing processes, and efficiency within the processes and technologies in an organization. We have also developed a 3PO Model™ that can help our clients identify opportunities that impact the bottom line. Our 3PO Model supports driving operational efficiency so that when industry changes occur, there is a lower implementation cost and higher efficiency and execution. When it comes to quality and business performance, we focus on product development, manufacturing, information technology, quality systems, and how these processes can integrate together. This visibility enables organizations to pinpoint their internal challenges and confront them immediately instead of dealing with them later unprepared.

With one of our clients, EngiLifeSciences had undertaken an optimization project for one of the largest medical device manufacturers, a global enterprise that was looking to reduce the overhead in their computerized system validation process. We collaborated with the organization, interviewed 27 teams across the organization and helped them streamline and standardize some of their processes. Within a small window of time, EngiLifeSciences was able to reduce the client’s overall operational cost by 20-30 percent, the identified saving being more than 25 percent.

Using our cutting-edge compliance and managed consulting solutions, EngiLifeSciences is helping companies in the life sciences bring high-quality, compliant products to the market.

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