Poorly Built Systems Can IMPACT Even The Best Medical Manufacturers...

Streamline Internal Processes, Identify New Opportunities, And Manage Your Business More Efficiently

EngiLifeSciences Quality Management Services Help Grow Your Bottom Line, Improve Quality and Business Performance - Using Innovative, Implementable Solutions

Your life is hectic.

As the CEO of a medical manufacturer, you’re busy… and whether it’s dealing with complex compliance issues or managing workout operations and streamlining processes, your day-to-day life in the office is tough.

You’ve built a great organization… you provide a great service… and your customers are happy…

And you want a way to run your business in a more streamlined, effective

Maybe you’ve received warning letters from the FDA… perhaps you’re backlogged with complaints… or maybe you can see your internal processes aren’t as effective as they could be…

Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced market, management systems and processes are everything…

And if you’re not innovating – and growing your business the RIGHT way – you risk getting left behind, with competitors swooping up customers.

Here at EngiLifeScience we’ve seen – firsthand – how poorly built systems and processes can destroy even the most reputable medical manufacturer company…

And that’s why we’ve developed a unique “Quality Management Services” solution, to help deliver faster, easier compliance, improve organizational excellence, and engage your organization’s employees to adapt to market conditions…

All while using innovative approaches that impact your bottom line and ensure quality performance and patient safety.

It’s Time To Take Control,
Streamline Processes, And Drive Quality And Business Performance

Check Out Our '6' Step Process/Formula Below

  1. Using a unique “Internal Assessment” formula, our team of experts are able to delve deep into your business to determine what’s working – and, more importantly, what’s not.
  2. Once we’ve pinpointed the challenges your business faces, we create tangible, implementable strategies to “fix” these problems…
  3. Letting you worry less about what’s going wrong, and continue growing your business and your brand.
  4. We use proprietary solutions – the MEV Grid and a 3PO Model to help you understand your strategic objectives, and we create tailored, personalized studies- for all levels of your organization – all the way from management, performance management… to the training of new staff members.
  5. Armed with this information, we’re able to show you powerful opportunities (you may not have even know existed)… while also making sure any internal regulatory compliance risks are taken care of.
  6. Interested in learning more about our services and how we can help YOUR company? 

See EngiLifeSciences Success Stories
For Yourself...

One of our clients – a global IT organization of F500 ($100 Billion in sales) failed to execute a 3rd party integrator. We were brought in to manage and perform Software Validation for the global implementation of SAP in areas all over the world…

And we quickly (and accurately) identified 200 critical software issues, we
managed to resolve issues and re-engineer the software, allowing for an issue-free launch.

Another client of ours – a Medical Device Company – was struggling to meet compliance regulations. Working with us, they were able to meet regulatory requirements, and easily implement and transfer knowledge through training to parts of the organization.

This allowed the company to pass vertical and horizontal audits… with auditors saying: “the [system’s] validation packages get a grade A+.”

Another of our clients struggled to identity cost-reducing opportunities across its 26 teams. When we carried out our in-depth assessment, we managed to identify and prioritize opportunities based on return-on-investment metrics, whichallowed us to create a roadmap that brought total costs down by 25% of the overall cost.

We’ve worked with hundreds of medical companies throughout the world, helping them keep up-to-date with compliance regulations, manage (and streamline) processes and develop robust software solutions to grow bottom lines.

Who Can EngiLifeSciences Help?

EngiLifeSciences can help almost all companies working in the medical space, and our new
Quality Management Services solution is designed for proactive CEOs who want to streamline
their companies’ processes and grow their bottom line.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had problems with compliance, want to re-engineer your internal
processes or need help optimizing new programs/projects, we can help…

If you’ve…

  1. Tried resolving problems internally… only to find things didn’t change
    (or even got worse…)
  2. Brought in external help before… WITHOUT seeing quality performance improvements and organizational excellence…
  3. Been looking for an industry-leader in Quality Management Systems, Manufacturing, Product Development, Information Technology, Regulatory Compliance and Supplier Quality Management… and want a collaborative team of experts to help streamline YOUR company…
  4. Tried to optimize business performance… and haven’t seen the results you wanted…

Then EngiLifeSciences can help.

We understand the challenges faced by medical companies operating in today’s over-regulated and cutthroat environment. That’s why we’ve created a powerful solution to help you NAVIGATE the challenges you face. Could you let us know what your intent with putting its called…. 

What Our Management Services Package Is Designed For

Our Quality Management Services package is designed for any medical manufacturer looking to streamline their
internal processes, identity gaps, and ensure any operations are carried out in a compliant state.

Here Are Just 3 Scenarios That Could CRIPPLE Your Company

You Receive a 483, Warning Letter Or Consent Decree

If you’ve received a warning letter from the FDA, it means some of your processes or systems aren’t compliant. This can result in your company receiving warning letters – and that’s often in addition to in-person inspections from the FDA.

If this has happened in your business, we can help. Our team will begin by addressing all of the issues present, using a full assessment approach to identity gaps in your processes. Once we’ve pinpointed what these gaps are, we’ll work on fixing them, and ensuring your business is in a compliant state once more.

You Want To Improve Your Overall Quality Management System

If you’re looking to reduce costs throughout your organization – while ensuring you still provide the same quality service your customers have come to love – we can help. If you’re looking to improve your overall quality management systems, we’ll again carry out an initial assessment to identity and confirm areas
where better systems can reduce costs and streamline operations.

You’re Behind On Processing Complaints and/or CAPA

If your organization is behind in processing complaints and CAPAs, you’re not just wasting time – you’re requiring staff to work “in the past”, rather than growing your company. Our Quality Management Services solution will help you catch up in the processing of complaints and CAPAs… ensuring they’re all
completed in a timely manner.

This also directly lowers costs and streamlines processes, meaning less staff are required to handle compliance protocols and complaints channels in the future.

And that’s just a fraction of what EngiLifeSciences can help with.

If your company or organization is struggling to keep up with compliance regulations, if you’re looking to streamline processes and create better, more streamlined systems – and if you want to grow your bottom line and please shareholders…

Then we can help.

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About EngiLifeSciences

EngiLifeSciences is one of the world’s leading consulting and technology firms, working with the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. They provide state-of-the-art consulting services, helping businesses and organizations streamline their processes, grow their bottom line and improve quality systems.

Whether it’s Quality Management Systems, streamlining manufacturing, product development, information technology, regulatory compliance or supplier quality management, EngiLifeSciences help drive quality and improve business performance to their clients.

Over the past decade, EngiLifeSciences has worked with a substantial number of clients. One of their most notable successes is when they took on an organization project for one of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers. The global enterprise was wanting to reduce overheads in their computerized system validation process. Through extensive interviewing, EngiLifeSciences helped the company streamline and standardize some of their processes – and this allowed the client to reduce their overall operational cost by 30%.

Today, EngiLifeSciences would like to talk to YOU about optimizing your business and streamlining processes. They want CEOs like you to have a clear understanding of internal processes… allowing your organization to become more agile and adaptable to external changes.

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Innovation IS The Future -
Is Your Company Prepared?

In today’s cutthroat world, innovation is more important than ever before.

If your company or organization isn’t prepared, you risk being left behind… with profits dropping and stakeholders becoming increasingly frustrated.

Now you know how we can help, you have two choices.

You could click away from this page – and hope your business is operating to a highly streamlined level… (but taking a BIG risk in the process…)

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