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Job Profiles

Job Profiles

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Do You Have the Correct Resource Qualifications Assigned to the Appropriate Roles and Responsibilities?

During our engagement, EngiLifeSciences designs job profiles that are based on the organizational restructuring, process redesign, and/or major skills program administration. This strategy is designed to provide the following:

  • Formal definition of the place of how the job position operates or fits within the organization. This includes clarification about what each job position contributes to achieving departmental or organizational objectives.
  • Formal definition of the required qualities or specifications for the applicant to be successfully recruited. This also helps inform the applicant applying for the job about what will be required to be considered successful.
  • Job profiles will form the basis for the employment contract.

In terms of optics, job profiles will vary from client to client. However, as a minimum, they will include:

  • Job title.
  • Definition of the overall responsibility and purpose of the job position.
  • Principle accountabilities.

Features and Benefits

Job profiles are used to set formal definitions of the requirements for each job position. They eliminate vague and uncertain expectations for employees and, as a result, they help optimize formal employee assessments and/or annual reviews.

EngiLifeSciences 3PO Model

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